Our Life Group Ministry Mission has three parts: 

1. Providing a safe environment for Spiritual Growth

2. Providing fellowship in the Body of Christ

3. Providing accountability and support for believers

To guide us in fulfilling this mission we have ten life group values:

Prayer: There is power in prayer, and every Life Group at FWC will have a time of prayer.

Edification: As believers, we’re commanded to edify (build up) one another, and Life Groups provide the perfect environment for this to take place.

Open: For growth to take place, openness is required. Our prayer is that everyone who attends a Life Group would be open with their thoughts, struggles, challenges, and advice so that growth can take place.

Honest: If we’re not honest with one another, true growth will never happen. Part of being in a Life Group is being honest with those you are meeting with.

Safety: Life Groups are a safe place at FWC, not a place of condemnation and judgement.

Confidentiality: What’s said in the group, stays in the group.

Sensitivity: Leaders and attendees of Life Groups should be sensitive to those who are open and sharing their thoughts, struggles, challenges, or opinions.

Accountability: Life can often distract us or pull us away from God, and Life Groups provide a great environment for accountability with other men or women of God to help keep us on the straight a narrow road.

Evangelism: Telling others about Christ is the final command that Jesus gave to His church. Our goal is for Life Groups to regularly take part in evangelism and service oppertunities at church and in our community.

Growth: It all comes down to growth in Life Groups. Our goal is to grow to be more like Christ each day, and our prayer is that you’ll jump into a group and begin to growth with fellow believers.